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Hello, welcome to Tianjin Lefin Industrial Co.,Ltd.

TIANJIN LEFIN STEEL GROUP containing Tianjin LEFIN Industrial Co.,Ltd. 、Tianjin LEFIN STEEL import & export Co.,Ltd and Tianjin Shengqifeng International Trading Co., Ltd. Its total assets is more than 30 million USD and our mills totally has more than 60,000 Square meters.The annual production of welded tube is more than 300000 tons per year. There are more than 300 employees and 20 engineers now. We have own lab to make sure every order quality .

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Our mill mainly produce 1/2inch to 16 inch ERW PIPE/GIPIPE,19X19--500X500 Hollow section,EN39/BS1139/EN10219 Scaffolding pipe,agriculture green houses pipes and PPGI coil & PC strand.

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The use of mechanical connections in the construction

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LEFIN STEEL sales teams go to Nigeria to develop market on september.
Contact person: Eric Li +8615122229899 ericli@lefinsteel.com
LEFIN STEEL sales teams go to Nigeria to develop market on september

In 2005,our mill 12 new production lines start to production for ERW PIPE lines and hollow section lines. Everyday we can produce around 5000tons to 7000tons according to difference of coil thickness.



Our exporting goods can strictly according to order delivery time to produce,and all goods finished keep in exporting warehouse yard to avoid raining and snowing,make sure the surface of pipe keep shiny and full black .


Our mill buy 8 precision cutting machine and 32 sets punching machine,we can do processing work for pipes like threading,punching ends,cutting,grooving,beveling,and make holes on pipes, we can do welding work according to customer drawing.

Welcome to Tianjin Lefin Industrial Co.,Ltd.
We look forward to cooperating with you!

LEFIN STEEL headoffice
Address: Hengtai Road,Daqiuzhuang Town,Jinghai County,Tianjin,China 
Phone: +86 22 58171905               
Fax:    +86 22 58171902


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