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Hello, welcome to Tianjin Lefin Industrial Co.,Ltd.

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LEFIN STEEL sales teams go to Nigeria to develop market on september


LEFIN STEEL sales teams go to Nigeria to develop market on september

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2019/09/20 20:38
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LEFIN STEEL sales teams go to Nigeria to develop market on september.
When arrived Nigeria, all stuffs firstly visit our old clients,they regularly buy GI pipe,Hollow section,3PE seamless pipe for oil and gas.
From 9th to 12th ,we take part in BIG5 Nigeria exhibition show
We deal with 2 major steel stockiest in Lagos market and some for port harcourt.
LEFIN STEEL already deal with Nigeria market more than 7 years,we get a good reputation in local market
We will pay more attention for africa market
And develop new products in africa market,like FENCING, SSAW PIPE,SCAFFOLDING,RAILWAY GUARDRAIL Etc,we want to supply good material for more project in Nigeria market.
Contact person: Eric Li +8615122229899  ericli@lefinsteel.com


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Address: Hengtai Road,Daqiuzhuang Town,Jinghai County,Tianjin,China 

Phone: +86 22 58171905
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